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ไฟจักรยาน Blinder ROAD 250

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ไฟ LED ติดจักรยาน หน้าคู่น้ำหนักเบา กำลังไฟสูง ส่องสว่างไกลถึง 1000 เมตร ส่องสว่างได้ทั้งที่กว้างและที่แคบ มีระบบชาจน์ไฟผ่าน USB แบตเตอรี่เก็บไฟยาวนาน พร้อมโหมดความสว่าง 8 โหมด

The Blinder ROAD 250 is a specifically designed hi-powered road light for the discerning rider. With incredible power:weight ratio and dual + constant flash modes, you won’t find another light like this.

Using two of the latest high-intensity LUMILEDS LEDs and incorporating both wide and narrow angle beams, the Blinder Road 250 floods any street in light, giving cyclists total night vision whilst being visible to others at over 1000m.
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LIGHT OUTPUT : 250 lumens
DIMENSIONS : 53 x 30 x 63mm.
LIGHT MODES : Total of 8 light modes: Narrow, High, Dual Beam & Flash in both High and Low.
BIKE ATTACHMENT : 2x interchangeable straps for handlebars 22-28mm / 29-35mm. Helmet mount included

Run Times:

Mode 1(Narrow, Low) 2 hrs
Mode 2 (Narrow,High) 1.2 hrs
Mode 3 (Wide,Low) 2 hrs
Mode 4 (Wide,High) 1.2 hrs
Mode 5 (Dual,Low) 2.5 hrs
Mode 6 (Dual,High) 1hr
Mode 7 (Eco-Flash) 5 hrs
Mode 8 (Flash/Constrant) 3 hrs

LENS : Use of an optic design to provide a balanced ratio of beam width and distance to safely illuminate you and the path ahead.
BATTERY : USB Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
INTEGRATED USB PLUG : Designed to be exposed to the elements, 100% waterproof.
THERMAL MANAGEMENT : Automatically regulates the light output for optimum performance.
MATERIALS : Polycarbonate housing and PMMA Lens. Hard-anodised aluminium fascia. UV-Resistant silicone.


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